Welcome to our company, where we specialize in software development and project management. Our expertise in these areas enables us to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients that are tailored to their specific needs. We are also experienced in EVSE certification, ensuring that our clients' charging stations meet all necessary regulatory requirements.

Our Services
Software development and testing

We develop software and test it intensively before delivery to our customers. We are happy to use agile methods and work together with you in appropriate roles and sprints.
Interim Project Manager

We take on challenging project work and lead your project to guaranteed success. In doing so, we draw on certified project management expertise coupled with practical implementation experience and solid leadership experience.
Support for EVSE certifications

We accompany you in certification projects in the field of charging infrastructure. In the context of the German Measurement and Calibration Law (MessEG/EV), we offer you sound implementation experience and take over the coordination between our customers and the corresponding conformity assessment bodies at home and abroad.

Our agile solution approach


Product Backlog

The Product Backlog is a collection of requirements. It is continuously developed and maintained by the product owner. The product owner orders and prioritizes the entries.

Sprint Backlog

From the entire requirements catalog, a selection of requirements is made that are to be processed within a sprint. The functionality of the next product increment is then derived from this.


An essential part of Scrum are the sprints. A sprint lasts between 14 and 30 days and describes a stage during which work is done on an interim result. During this time, new functionality is added to the product or existing functionality is improved.

Functional (intermediate) product

At the end of each sprint, there is a functional intermediate product - the product increment. And the cycle starts again with the preparation of a new sprint.

Our team
Dr.-Ing. Marko Hoerter
CEO | Founder | e-mobility Enthusiast

As the founder of novala{b}z, I offer our customers all my experience, personal strengths and interests as well as my passion in solving complex challenges, which I have acquired over the last 12+ years of professional experience in the automotive and charging infrastructure industry.
We Are Hiring!
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novala{b}z is currently still at the beginning of its young company history - we are therefore very happy to talk to you about your concerns.

Our blog

Read here selected blog posts about novala{b}z
Field report - Projects from the perspective of a GPMA-certified project manager
Dr.-Ing. Marko Hoerter | 2022-09-22

Read here how projects are viewed from the perspective of a GPMA-certified project manager and what the empirical values are from the field.
How does agile software development work at novala{b}z?
Dr.-Ing. Marko Hoerter | 2023-01-31

In this article we talk about the general process of agile software development at nobala{b}z. Learn here how we work and what distinguishes us. Agile - plannable, quality-oriented and resource-saving?
General procedure of a certification project for a charging station
Dr.-Ing. Marko Hoerter | 2023-05-03

Electromobility is expected to gain further momentum over the next few years! There is talk of exponential growth. In this context, what about the approval and certification of charging stations? A field report.


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